The Stories Behind The Songs

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Freedom Feet - a tribute to running

(by Pia Fridhill) They claim there are lots of songs about running but most of them only use 'run' or 'running' as a metaphor for freedom, escape, a state of mind, being chased or chasing after something or someone: Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen), Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush), Running On Empty (Jackson Browne), Run Baby Run (Sheryl Crow) or Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden). Nobody ever wrote a song about ACUTALLY RUNNING...not that I know of.

So I/we decided to write one. I've been running a lot listening…

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Only Me - all the bright places

(by Pia Fridhill) More seldom than not I read a book that I'll never forget, a book that touches the innermost of my being, either with its poetic and beautiful language like Alice Walkers 'The Color Purple' or with its powerful philosophical message like Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'. Somehow it's hard to come by books of that caliber nowadays but then suddenly it happened: I found 'All The Bright Places' by Jennifer Nieven.

I read this story about two suicidal youngsters while on a holiday trip to…

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Breakfast On The Roof - how it all started

(by Pia Fridhill) The year 2002 was the beginning of our musical career, the beginning of our marriage and the beginning of our songwriting learning process. We'd met the British blues- & jazz veteran John C. Marshall, moved to Cologne (Germany) and started writing songs in our apartment under the roof. As we decided to record an album John was there to help us with all the stuff we didn't know anything about: how to write musical charts for the band so that they'd know what to play, when to play what and…

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Soul Cooking - love food, love music

(by Pia Fridhill) For 'Soul Cooking' I spent many months collecting lines, rhymes and phrases about our two favourite occupations: cooking and music. I thought it would be a fitting theme for a funky song and I had this idea that I wanted to use the lyrics as a rhythm generator, placing the syllables in a meter that accentuated the rhythm. I'd never done that before and I took on the challenge of finding good lines while doing all sort of stuff: while driving my car drumming the steering wheel, while…

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The Vacation - a poem by Wendell Barry

(by Pia Fridhill) Jens loves to fiddle new song ideas on his guitar while watching football (soccer). One of his ideas, an instrumental piece in the style of melodious finger picking guitar, had accompanied him during hundreds of football matches throughout the years and we both thought it would remain an instrumental guitar piece for the fun of watching football.

My uncle used to play the bass in a dance band during the 60s and 70s and we always stop over at his place in Malmö when we go to Sweden for our…

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Get It While You Can - a proclamation against the musical devaluation disaster

(by Pia Fridhill) The music industry has changed fundamentally over the past 10-15 years, and NOT for the better. Like with all profit driven markets, maximizing income and reducing risks remain the main interest. Music has always been a high risk issue: is the song a hit or not? Will the artist break through or will he/she flop? These days, the music industry has figured out a formula for maximizing a song's hit potential. I've learned about the so called Pop Factories, where dozens of professional song…

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Autumn Love - the growth of a love relationship

(by Pia Fridhill) This song is probably the most multil-layered on the album, content-wise as well as melodically. Autumn Love was hard to write. The lyrics are full of hidden meanings, contraditions and contrasts, unspoken sorrows meddled with positive, hopeful exlamations - all facets of life in a long relationship. Being two strong minded individuals, Jens and I met in a phase of our lives when the synchronicity of our plans and dreams was close to a hundered percent. Just like any couple in love, we…

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Insomnia Madness - the full moon curse

(by Pia Fridhill) Our pianist Stefan Michalke had recorded numerous jazz albums and compositions of his own, long before we met him. Being an instrumentalist, the large part of his jazz tunes were without lyrics and vocals, which is a shame since they're all so beautiful...some of them seemed to cry out for words! One of his songs, 'Lazy in Amsterdam' cried the loudest and inspired me to write a text - not about Amsterdam, but about being unable to sleep at full moon!

Some of us know the feeling when…

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